Cape County Park Rules and Regulations

  1. A reservation confirmation will be issued to one adult who will become the group representative thru the entire event. All contact between the group and park staff shall be handled by the group representative.
  2. Renters of shelters, and person using non-rented shelters must pay appropriate fees. Rental of shelters requires express written approval of the Cape County Parks Dept. and must be in strict accordance with contractual rules and conditions.
  3. Shelter reservations are non-refundable.
  4. Use of any shelter that is cordoned or posted as being reserved or closed to the public is strictly prohibited.
  5. The following activities require the express written approval of the Cape County Parks Dept. 
    • Operation of special amusements, including but not limited to animal or mechanical rides, inflatable play amusements, rock climbing walls, and musical or theatrical performances.
    • Conduct of camps, fairs, exhibitions, rallies, fundraising efforts, races, walks, athletic league games or practices, and other organized events.
    • Construction of tents, canopies, inflatable amusements, or other temporary structures.
    • Use of musical instruments, radios and other sound devices, and amplified sound equipment.
    • Sale of food,beverages or other goods.
    • Collection of fees or monetary contributions.
    • The use of glue, nails, tacks, screws, staples, or other fastners that may scratch or otherwise damage surfaces of the shelter are prohibited.
  6. Persons renting the park shelter are required to remove all decorations and signs that are used in decorating the shelter.
  7. All trash on or around shelter must be placed in trash receptacles provided at each shelter, this includes water balloons and confetti.
  8. There is to be no paint of any kind on or around shelter.
  9. There is to be no chalk of any kind on or around shelter.
  10. Glass bottles of any shape or size are prohibited.
  11. We expect responsible party to pay for any and all damages that occurred during your reservation time.
  12. Swimming or wading in naturally existing water ways is prohibited.
  13. Vehicles and trailers must park in designated paved parking areas only under no circumstance are vehicles allowed on grassy areas.
  14. No fireworks allowed in County Parks.
  15. No horses are allowed on County Park Property.
  16.  A person may not carry or discharge any firearms inside County Parks.
  17. Conduct that may endanger the welfare of any person is strictly prohibited.
  18. Dogs must be leashed and kept under control at all times.
Failure to abide by these rules may result in being removed from the Park.

Getting Started

Use the map to browse for a particular park and shelter, or use the search fields to find a shelter by date, size and desired amenities.
3 Capacity(64) RR, Water, Electric, BBQ $40.00

4 Capacity(160) RR, Water, Electric, Playground, BBQ $65.00
5 Capacity(48) RR, Water, Electric, Playground, BBQ $40.00

6 Capacity(48) Electric, BBQ $40.00

8 Capacity(72) RR, Water, Electric, Melaina's, BBQ $65.00
9 Capacity(48) Water, Electric, BBQ $40.00

10 Capacity(48) Water, Electric, BBQ $40.00

20 Capacity(160) RR, Water, Electric, Playground, BBQ $65.00
21 Capacity(128) RR, Water, Electric, Playground, BBQ $65.00
22 Capacity(112) RR, Water, Electric, Playground, BBQ $65.00

 Capacity(48) RR, Water, Electric, BBQ, north side of Levi's Adventure Trail  

 24 NEW! Capacity(72) RR, Water, Electric, BBQ, south side of Levi's Adv. Trail  

30 Capacity(48) RR, Electric, BBQ $40.00

31 Capacity(48) RR, Electric, BBQ $40.00

Wedding Gazebo & Covered Bridge-Water, Electricity $200.00